Send personalised SMS from your PC to your clients or members mobile phone. Replies from recipients are sent back to your email address,  ensuring effective two way communications.
We are the preffered SMS provider for Jonas Club software.


BULK SMS: We can send out bulk SMSs on your behalf, or you can use our SMS software to send your own SMS. Our software offers full reporting. We have got numerous clients using our software to communicate more effectively with thier clients. Tee off time reminders, doctors appointment reminders, automated birthday wishes, promotion alerts and many more applictions.
SMS API's: We can provide you with various API solutions that allow you to integrate your systems with our SMS gateway.
SMS COMPETITION LINES: We can set up SMS shortcodes for you. Your clients then simply SMS a key word to the short code. These replies can be sent directly to you.
SUBSCRIPTION BASED SERVICES: You can send daily or weekly SMS to your clients and earn a revenue from them. SMS the word TRIAL to 37780 for a FREE weeks trial of the Moneyweb SMS alert service we developed and manage on their behalf.
VOICE CARDS: Send us an audio clip and a list of cell numbers and we can drop the audio clip into your clients voice mail boxes. Thank people for entering compitions, or CEO messages to all staff. Click here to hear a clip of Graham Smith thanking clients for entering a Castle Lager competition. 

Voice Cards

Send a pre-recorded voice clip to multiple cell phone mail boxes.

Company CEO's can send all staff members holiday wishes, or thank staff for their hard work at financial year end.

Click here for an example

We will never give, lend, hire or sell your clients / members information to any third party.
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